Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Spectacular Hike

I had a great time backpacking last weekend.  Actually a four day weekend, beginning on Thursday, July 1 which was Canada Day.  Francisco and I went to the Stein Valley, a spectacular, rugged part of the province.  Near vertical rock walls rise heavenward, towering above the narrow valley, some so steep they look like they are overhanging.  For the first 14 kilometres of the valley the Stein River is a raging torrent of boiling white water.  As we walked the narrow path, sometimes in forest, sometimes clinging to the side of a steep mountainside, it was easy to get lost in your thoughts of the beauty of creation and the Creator who made it all.  How wonderful a God we serve that has placed us upon this earth, a place created especially for us to live and enjoy. 

The Stein Valley is pristine, almost untouched.  It was a reminder that we have a duty to protect and look after the world the Lord has created.  No garbage left behind on the side of the trail, no plastic wrappers thrown into the river.  Thankfully the people who visit the Stein Valley are good stewards of it’s beauty.  We need to take just as much care of all areas of our earth.  The Lord created the earth, it is His, we need to take care of it.

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