Thursday, September 16, 2010

It Has To Be New

Sandra and I were at a lake, loading our ten foot cartop aluminum boat into our Dodge minivan.  It is incredible, but if we take the back seats out of the van, the boat slides into the back and fits like a glove.  Yes, it sticks out the back about three feet, but that's legal as long as we put a red flag on the end of the boat which hangs out.  We load the boat motor, gas and anything else we have into the boat which is inside our van and tie down the rear door.  It works wonderfully.

A fellow watched us load the boat and said, "Those Dodge minivans are incredible, aren't they.  There's nothing like them."  We of course replied that we agreed.  He asked what year our van was and we told him that it was a 2001 model but ran perfectly.  He replied, "Yes, but the new ones have an incredible ride and really are fantastic.  Come to the Chrysler dealership and I'll show them to you."  He was trying to sell us a van, right there at the lake. 

We don't need a new van, but the man's words started me thinking that maybe we should replace it.  I saw the glossy advertisements in magazines and the paper.  Maybe we should get a new vehicle.  I went to the internet and looked at the new vehicles, their prices, their new features.  I figured out how we might be able to afford it.  I got myself excited about a new vehicle.  Then I came to my senses and realized that our 2001 minivan is perfect for us.

Advertising tries to make us believe we need something new.  We need something that is better and shinier and which has better features.  It leads us to want, to want more.  It leads us to materialism.  The not-so-subtle message of advertising is that we are not complete if our possessions are not the newest models.  Well, I'm not buying it.  I'm not buying the new vehicle and I'm not buying the advertising.  My old stuff works perfectly well.  It looks good and it isn't costing me anything.  I am going to ignore all that psychological warfare aimed at me by the advertising companies and not allow them to rule my life.  I am content.  And I have one thing they can't ever sell me.  I have peace and joy because Jesus is my Saviour.

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