Monday, November 1, 2010

A Lesson from Cuba

I’ve been in Cuba for a while.  I love the people of Cuba.  I always have a great time with my friends there.  This time I was at the Los Pinos Nuevos Seminary with a group from Journey of Faith church in Manhattan Beach, California.  We painted buildings by day and spoke in churches almost every night.  It was a great trip.

The enthusiasm of Cuban Christians is contagious.  In worship they truly celebrate the Lord.  Their life is not easy, but Jesus helps them with their burdens and their cares.  They have learned the true secret of living.  They know to turn all their anxiety and problems over to Jesus and allow Him to help them through each day.  Here in our land life is much easier, yet often we feel so burdened, so beaten down.  I wonder if we have learned the secret Cuban Christians have learned.  Instead of depending on ourselves we need to depend on Jesus.  Instead of trying to carry all our own problems we need to let Jesus help us carry them.  Throughout both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible we are instructed to turn our cares over to God, to trust Him with our problems, to allow Him to be our strength.  Do we?  Is our Lord Jesus really the first one we turn to in times of need or is He our last resort? 

My time in Cuba once again reminded me that we need to maintain an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and allow Him to guide us every step of every day.  We need to talk to Him always and let Him know our worries, problems and trials.  He will always be our help and support.

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