Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Truth in Advertising

Don’t you just hate false advertising?  You read the advertisement, look at the product and marvel at what it can do.  You buy it and then find it doesn’t perform as advertised.  It isn’t the cleaner you were led to believe.  It doesn’t make your car go 20 percent further on a tank of gas.  You don’t shed pounds as if they were drops of water falling from a tree.  False advertising.

This morning I was thinking of some of the false advertising done by Christians.  “Accept Jesus into your life and everything will go right.”  “Become a Christian and you won’t have any more problems.”  You’ve heard it.  And it isn’t true.  Christians have lots of problems.  Some are caused by the sinful world in which we live, some caused by our own actions, some caused just by the fact we are Christians in a non-Christian society.  Jesus told his disciples that they would suffer for their faith. He didn’t say problems would go away.  What Jesus did promise is that He would always be with us because we Christians have the Holy Spirit living within us.  We may have problems but we never have to face them alone.  No matter what happens in life we Christians have the Holy Spirit to walk beside us and see us through.  We are also told we can always have joy in our life no matter what is happening around us.  That’s a statement that is almost impossible to believe but it is true!  Eternal life is a promise as are many other wonderful things.  However, no problems?  That was not one of Jesus’ promises to us.

As we share our faith with people we need to be careful to not use false advertising.  Tell the truth.  And the truth is pretty incredible.  As a Christian I have the presence of God with me 24/7.  I never have to face anything alone.  His presence will allow me to have joy, true joy, no matter what is happening.  And at life’s end, I will pass into the presence of the living God with whom I will live forever.  Let’s hear it for Truth in Advertising.

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