Monday, June 13, 2011

Let’s Make a Difference

We’ve been away from home for a long time.  We were visiting churches, visiting the people who support us in prayer and support us financially.  We were sharing about what God is doing through the churches and Christians in Cuba. It was a very tiring time but also a delightful time as we re-connected with friends we had not seen for years and made new ones. 

As we travelled we saw parts of North America which were submerged under floodwaters, peoples lives shattered by disaster.  It was almost surreal to drive along a freeway and have flooded fields, flooded homes and flooded businesses on either side of us.  We were a part of it, but only superficially, as we sped along in our car.  We listened on the radio and heard army officers and elected officials giving evacuation and sand bagging instructions, reassuring people that everything possible was being done.  It was heart warming and encouraging to hear that entire communities were coming together to help one another, to help those whose homes were under water.  People were filling sand bags, raising dikes, making a difference.  When we work together, cohesively, we can make a difference.  God made us and gave us what we call the “human spirit.”  The human spirit is a wonderful thing which enables us to rise above terrible circumstances and do great things.  But there is still the reality of thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed as their homes succumbed to rising flood waters.

This experience has made me realize that all of us need to make sure we are in touch with what is happening in our communities.  There are not always floods, but there are always needs, always places we can be helping and making a difference.  God calls us to be engaged with our communities, to help those who can not help themselves.  Don’t wait until there is a flood, we need to get involved with people now.  It’s what Jesus wants us to do.

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