Thursday, September 5, 2013


I received an e-mail notice from Facebook the other day letting me know they were going to change things, again.   When I came home from vacation this summer I found the page I use for my browser home page had dramatically changed it’s layout.  I liked the old style better!  Change is all around me, and although I adapt to it, I don’t necessarily like all of the changes.  Am I getting too old and set in my ways?

I understand that life is changing, people are changing, younger people (like I once was) have different likes and dislikes from those who are older, but the pace of change seems so fast.  I have no trouble keeping up with change, I am not stressed about it, but realize that I am generally happier when things don’t change too dramatically.  If you look through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, you see lots of change.  Civilization changed, progressed and evolved.  That is evident as you look at the historical writings of the Bible.  One of the great unchanging constants in life, in the universe, is God.  He is changeless.  He is perfect, we are not, yet He loves us anyways.  And He provided a changeless way to forgive all of us for the wrong things we do, our sin.  I received forgiveness of my sins and entrance to fellowship with God through receiving Jesus as my Saviour.  The man we call the Apostle Paul received that same forgiveness, the same way, almost two thousand years ago.  In church our music changes, the way we worship God changes, the style in which we teach and preach all change.  The way we are forgiven and gain access to God is unchanging.  At least something in life remains constant.

Some change I like, some I don’t.  I like new technology, it fascinates me.  On the other hand I often don’t like changing things with which I have become comfortable and familiar.  It seems that in God’s scheme of things there are always many changes, although He is changeless, as is His plan for our salvation.

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