Monday, May 11, 2015

Secure in the Tempest

Last week a friend e-mailed me a picture of waves crashing against a lighthouse.  Standing at the door was a lone person, protected from the immense crashing waves by the solid, immoveable structure of the lighthouse.  It reminded me of how alone we can feel when struggling with some huge event or illness in life, with work which seems to engulf us, a situation which seems hopeless or when we are overwhelmed by a deluge of things spinning around us.

Do you ever feel like that?  Do you ever feel that you can hardly hang on, that you have been totally engulfed by the things happening around you?  Do you ever feel like the person in the picture of the lighthouse?  As I looked at that picture I once again realized how incredible it is to have Jesus in my life, my Saviour and protector, my constant stalwart companion.  When I am overwhelmed by the stress and troubles of life He is always with me, always has His arms wrapped around me, is my shelter in the storm and He is my strength.  Life can be tough, life can throw some horrible trials at us, but in the arms of Jesus there is security.

Like the person at the door of the lighthouse, I know I am always safe.  My Saviour is holding me and nothing can sweep me away as long as I cling to Him.  Praise God, Jesus is my salvation and my refuge.

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  1. Gary I have this same picture framed in my office. It spoke to me and still does. I learned it was taken off the coast of France. Sometimes it feels like the water is entering the lighthouse and knocking us around. But we are still safe.