Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to Work

We were on vacation last week, no e-mail, cell phone off, just skiing, boarding and hot tubs.  Just Sandra and I. No interruptions, no outside world.  Wonderful.  We were at Panorama Mountain Resort in British Columbia and had a great time.  The only downer was that this immense mountain had no new snow so everything was hard packed.  We spent most of our time looking for the best snow skiing the steeps in the trees; black and double black runs under sunny, blue skies.  It had been so long since it snowed that even in the trees there were moguls, but it was fun.  After a week of it we are almost bump skiers!  Now we’re home and back to work.  Oh . .  the work!  How can so much e-mail accumulate in so little time?  A week of pure fun, now we pay for it with lots of hard work catching up on things.  That’s life.  I’m glad I don’t have to face it alone, but know that Jesus is with me every step of every day (and every turn as I ski).

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