Monday, March 1, 2010


Sometimes you just need to celebrate something.  February 2010 was one of those times for Canada.  All across Canada people celebrated the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and they celebrated Canada.  We drew together and celebrated in a very, overtly in-your-face, non-Canadian way.  Crowds in streets spontaneously breaking out in singing our national anthem.  Flags waving everywhere and flying from cars.  Streets a sea of red and white.  We had a party.  A two week long block party, but all across the country.  And at the end, in the closing ceremonies, we showed our pride in being Canadian and showed that we can laugh and make fun of ourselves.  During these past two weeks Canadians have truly changed and our nation will be forever different.

When we ask Jesus into our hearts we also change and become forever different.  Our Creator, the Creator of the universe, becomes our Saviour and our friend.  His Holy Spirit begins to change us from the inside out and in that transformation what we were becomes something altogether new.  Maybe we need to celebrate that a bit.  Some spontaneous singing and praising our Lord.  Hey, it’s way more exciting than the Olympics!

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