Monday, March 22, 2010

New Life - Spring is Here!

What a change comes over people when they think spring has arrived.  For the last while we have had blossoms on the fruit trees, mainly pink cherry blossoms and white plum blossoms around where we live.  We have had a spectacular display because many of our city streets are lined with cherry trees and we have a huge plum tree in our back yard.  Aa few days ago, on the official first day of spring, green leaves appeared on all the trees around us as the temperature rose to 18 degrees Celsius. Spring is indeed in the air and everyone seems more cheerful, happy that winter is over and forgetful that we still have a few more months of rain before summer arrives. 

It often doesn’t take much to give people a bit of joy in their life.  Around here cherry blossoms and green leaves will raise people’s spirits.  But real joy?  That’s a bit more elusive.  We can have it though.  We really can have joy in our life.  Jesus brings true joy to our lives when we know Him, when we follow Him, when we accept Him as our Saviour and allow Him to guide our life.  What a delight to live with Jesus every moment of every day.  True joy can be ours always.

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