Monday, June 14, 2010

Nothing Stays the Same

We had an interesting weekend.  Saturday was sunny and warm.  Sunday started with sun, changed to rain, then the sun came back out, more rain and then a sunny evening.  What a mess.  It rained on the way to church, was sunny while we were inside, then rained all the way home.  The sun came out for an hour then another shower.  Then it cleared again.  I received an e-mail from a friend who was boating.  She and her husband had a nice, sunny run on the lake.  Friends who were on the water later in the day had rain and wind.  One sailor was so upset he said he wasn’t going out again unless the forecast was for days of sun.  He was cold and wet by the time he got back to the dock.  On Sunday the weather changed almost faster than you could change your clothing.  I hid indoors most of the day.

Sometimes life is just the same.  One moment everything is great, the next you are blind sided by something which comes out of nowhere.  You can't make any sense of it.  Like the weather, we can’t control all the things around us in life.  The recession we’re just coming out of hit many people hard, others weathered the storm with hardly a ripple.  We just don’t know what is coming tomorrow.  That’s why I am so glad that Jesus is my Saviour who will never leave me.  No matter what happens I can lean on Him.  I can pray and ask Him for help, for counsel, to just be beside me.  And I also have all my friends at church and in my Bible study group who are there for me as well.  I never have to face life alone.

Weather changes.  Life changes.  The one constant in my life is the presence of Jesus with me always.

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