Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life Gets Busy!

Life gets busy! Between work and play, family and friends, there are not many spare minutes left in a day. But no complaints. I would much rather be busy and happy than bored with nothing to do.  We all dream of a leisurely life with nothing to do, but most people really don’t thrive doing nothing.  Somehow, we are designed to be busy.

Designed to be busy?  What about retirement, rest and relaxation?  I find it interesting that most people can lie on a beach for a while, or read books for a couple of weeks, but soon tire of it and want to do more.  They want to be busier.  Most of my retired friends are either serving as volunteers or are back in the job market working part time.  My friends are not working because they need the money, but because they need something to fill a few of their spare hours.  We are designed to be busy.

Yes, I know I have used the word “designed” a couple of times.  I believe God designed us and one of the things He put in the design was the need to keep ourselves occupied.  That may be a full time job, or it may be a hobby like painting or sewing or carpentry or cooking, but we need to do something.  We seem to need to keep our minds occupied.  Most of the healthiest older people I know have found a good balance between “doing” and relaxing.  Their days pass quickly because they are serving or in some other way involved with people.  Some of the unhappiest people I know are those who are house bound, ill, or for some reason can’t leave their homes.  So if you are busy, be thankful.  It keeps you occupied and it probably keeps you happier than you would be if you had nothing to do.

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