Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking Care of the Earth

I believe that Sovereign God created the earth and all that lives on it.  He made it all and all of it is His.  We who live on the earth therefore have a special responsibility to care for what God has created.  We must treat the earth carefully, we must look after it, we must be caretakers of this planet.  Unfortunately the earth isn’t being cared for very well and often some of those who seem to be most against careful environmental practices are Christians, the people who follow God, follow the Bible and seek to obey all that is written in it’s pages.

So what are we supposed to do?  Do we need to become militant environmentalists?  Do we need to protest against global warming?  What should I do?  I think the very least I should be doing as a Christian is to make sure that I don’t pollute the earth.  I need to be as good an environmental steward as I can, even if it costs a bit more to live that way.  If all of humanity truly cared for the earth we would not be talking about global warming.  It wouldn’t be an issue because we would be living in such a way as to minimize our effect upon the earth. 

I believe the Bible.  I believe God made the earth and since it is His creation I need to care for it.  I need to glorify God by my life and one way I do that is to honour Him and His creation.  One way I honour God is by not polluting or harming what He has made.  

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