Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Like It Rainy

We all have our personal likes and dislikes.  That goes for food or hobbies or weather.  During the winter, the ski season, I like nothing better than to have wonderful, cold, wet, rainy weather here where we live.  I love nice, cold rain because I know that means lots of wonderful snow an hour and a half away where we ski.  My friends want nice, sunny winter weather but I want cold rain.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the sun, but I want nice deep powder snow for skiing which means I need cool rainy weather where we live. 

Life is full of choices, options, decisions.  We often have to choose between having one thing or another.  We have only so much money so we can’t have everything we want.  We have to prioritize our desires.  Some of my friends want to eat out at restaurants a lot.  That’s fine, but it means they won’t have money to spend on other things.  Some like to buy lots of music.  Again, that’s fine, as long as they realize there are other things they won’t be able to do because their money is taken by music.  We have friends who save now so they can buy something big latter.  Other friends spend very little, choosing instead to save everything for their retirement.  Some people tell me they won’t consider Jesus, won’t consider asking Him to be their Saviour, because it will change the way they live and they’re happy as they are.  These friends are making a decision for the present which will drastically affect their future, their eternal future, but they are free to make that decision.

Life is full of decisions, but some decisions have eternal consequences.  We need to make our life decisions carefully.  They need to be good decisions for both now and eternity.

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