Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too Busy

Life is so busy.  Most of us try to juggle so many things in life we seem to have more things to do than time to do them.  Work.  We have to do that.  But then there is play, household obligations, all the other things we do with our families, with our spouse, with our friends or by our self. At the end of the month we wonder where all the time went.

It is hard to order our life and manage to get in all we want to do.  Maybe the problem is that we just want to do too much.  People say they want a more simple life, but I don’t think that’s usually true.  It is easy to get a simpler life, you just cut back.  You cut out a bunch of things you are doing and life becomes much more manageable.  No, the problem is we want to do it all, as much as we can, and so life gets complicated and time rushes past like an out of control train.  The solution I have found is to put my appointment calendar, my wants and desires, in to someone else’s hands.  I have given it all to Jesus.  Yes, I know that sounds rather simplistic, but it really is what I have done.  I prayerfully ask the Lord to order my day and order my life.  And I mean that.  I don't mean I ask Him to bless all that I want to do, I ask Him what I should be doing.  I ask Him if I need to cut out some of the things I like doing and if I should be doing other things.  I really want Jesus to order my life and I have found He will if I honestly allow Him to do it.

Usually we go to God in prayer and ask Him to bless what we have already decided we are going to do.  Why not do the opposite?  Why not go to Jesus and ask if you should be doing the things you are doing?  Why not pray and ask if you should stop some of the activities you currently have?  Go through them, one by one, and ask the Lord to help you make the decisions.  Ask what He wants.  It comes down to trust.  Do I really believe that Jesus loves me so much I can trust every aspect of my life to Him?  Me?  I trust Him.

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