Monday, April 21, 2014

An Empty Nest

We’re empty-nesters.  Our daughter Christy was married on Saturday and Sandra and I, plus Harley cat, are alone in the house.  Now it’s not a huge transition, Christy was out a lot, but still, we have the house to ourselves.  It is a transition.

Life is full of transitions.  Christy and her new husband Christian are in the transition of single to married.  We have other friends who are in transition because their spouse has passed away.  Still others have a first child, a first job or no job at all.  Transitions, change, that is life.  Things change, we change, life does not stand still.  As I have written before, I am so glad there is one unchangeable constant in all of life, in all of the universe.  God does not change.  My Saviour Jesus will not change.  He is with me forever, in my times of transition, when things are great or when things are very difficult.  Jesus is forever mine.  If you know Him as your Saviour then He is also forever yours.  That wonderful, marvellous, incredible fact is what brings comfort and infinite joy to all of life.  Jesus is always with those who are His.  He is the giver of joy.

We’re in transition.  We are empty-nesters, home alone for the first time in 28 years.  But we are not alone, not really, Jesus is with us always.  Our family is still nearby.  And this transition, gaining a new son-in-law, is a time of great joy.

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