Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Sweet Fragrance

We have a corn plant sitting in our kitchen.  It sits and looks pretty and green, but every once in a long while it blossoms.  This week is blossom time.  Beautiful flowers, spectacular sweet smelling flowers.  The aroma fills the kitchen then spills into the other rooms of the house.  The plant’s scientific name is “dracaena fragrans” the last part referring to the aroma of the blossoms.

The blossoms of the corn plant fill the house with a beautiful sweet aroma.  It flows over and around you, envelops you.  The sweet fragrance fills the house, but coming into the kitchen it overpowers everything else, a true joy.  The corn plant got me thinking about my life, especially my Christian life.  I am supposed to be a sweet smelling fragrance for the Lord, for Jesus.  My life is supposed to rise to him like incense.  I should be so submitted to Jesus that my life becomes a sweet fragrance, an offering to Him.  If I truly live for my Saviour the sweetness of my life should be noticeable and should bring glory to God.  The world should be a better place, a sweeter place, because of me and all others who are led by Jesus.

I love the sweet fragrance of the corn plant and will be sorry when it fades away.  But it is a gentle reminder to me that my life is lived for Jesus and I should be like a sweet fragrance which brings glory to Him.

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