Thursday, March 10, 2016

In the Storm

The wind is wild today.  Some places near us it is blowing over 100 kilometres per hour.  Power is out in many places, trees are down across the roads.  I just heard from staff at the mountain where we ski and they said all the chairlifts are closed today because it is too windy to operate.  The crazy thing is that outside it is fairly bright, the sun shining through a layer of very thin clouds. It looks great outside at first glance, then you realize it’s so windy you don’t want to be outdoors.

Life sometimes gets this way.  All around everyone is going about their normal routine, all appears well, but your life is in turmoil.  At first glace people think you are fine, but when they stop and talk they notice something isn’t right.  Life can be like a whirlwind.  Events happen, good and bad, and leave us reeling, trying to catch our breath, not knowing what to do.  When those violent winds of pressure and change come into my life, that’s when I am glad for the close friends who are always around to help.  When things get tough I can count on them.  More importantly, I can always go to Jesus and always count on Him to be there for me.  My Lord will always help and will send others into my life to help, no matter the problem.

It’s windy today so I am hunkered down indoors, waiting for the storm to pass.  I’ll ski tomorrow when it is calm.  In the storms of life I will hunker down with Jesus and the friends He sends to help me.  Storms pass, calm returns, life goes on.  Thank you Jesus.

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