Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God's Family

The other day I was part of a Bible study group looking at Romans chapter 12.  The emphasis of the study was on God’s family and what it means to be brothers and sisters in Christ.  We read the Bible and we know we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  We’re a big family. It sounds so nice.  But do we really understand what is meant by being brothers and sisters in Christ?  The teaching of the Bible, specifically the New Testament, is that those in our Christian Community, our church, are to be as close to us as real, flesh and blood, brothers and sisters.  We are to treat one another like family.  We’re to be involved in each other’s lives just as if we really were brothers and sisters.  We are to care for one another, love one another, help one another, hold one another accountable.  We give and we receive.  Whether it’s hard or easy, we are to be open, vulnerable, caring and helping to each other.  In our church we are to truly be family.

That’s the teaching, but what is the reality?  Do we really consider our church to be a family, or is it more like a club?  Are we involved in the lives of others in our church in a meaningful way?  If not, how do we get started?  What’s the first step?  Those are the questions that sprang to my mind as we talked about this passage. 

Truly being Christian family is not easy and it’s certainly not natural.  It is only because of Jesus in us that it is possible.  But the key is that it is possible.  Not only possible, it’s what Jesus wants, how He wants us to live.  It’s part of our obedience to Him.  That has to be enough incentive to make us choose to live as true, Christian family.

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